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The Sun Valley community will work together to build strong educated leaders.

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Every Time a student misses school they miss an opportunity to learn
The Texas Compulsory School Attendance Law requires every child who is enrolled in school to attend at least 90% of the school year.  It is the responsibility of school employees to investigate and report violations of the state compulsory attendance law.  Under law, if your child fails to attend school for such a period as required by law, truancy proceedings may be started against the parent or guardian.

Please keep in mind that in the case of excessive absences, a student may not recieve credit for the year and be promoted regardless of their grades.

SWISD policy states that absences beyond five days require a letter from a health care provider or the permission of the school principal for the absence to be excused.

We realize that as the year goes on students become tired and as a result our attendance rates drop.  Please do your best to only allow your child to stay home when they are ill.  Thank you for sending your child to school everyday!

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